The trials and tribulations of eBay

As some of you will know for the last four years most of the business has been run through eBay, around a year ago I launched a new eBay shop - Urbanfox Design Letterpress - which had been ticking over quite nicely and I regularly had around 100 letterpress related items listed at anyone time, ranging from typecases (vintage print trays), letterpress type, the occasional printing press and all sorts of letterpress associated paraphernalia. The website was mainly used primarily to ensure I had a presence on google.

All that is about to change and over the next three months I'll be focusing on developing the eCommerce side of the website and adding around 70% of the stock to the website. I expect this to be a pretty painful process but essential for the long term sustainability of the business.

Lets face it, eBay is where the traffic is. Especially when it comes to Letterpress bit and bobs, nowhere else can you reach a global market so easily and I've steadily built a regular eBay customer base and followingover the last few years.  If you are one of those people reading this, then I'm always incredibly grateful for your custom and repeat business. I genuinely do appreciate your continued support. I've made some fantastic friends and acquaintances through trading on eBay.'s never straight forward. An account suspension came out of the blue in June for allegedly trading off eBay, although frustrating, after the suspension was lifted 7 days letter it was business as usual. Fast forward to the 26th of July, sitting down to have the first beer of my week holidays and out of the blue came a short but uninformative message to from eBay to say my account had been closed indefinitely and I could no longer buy or sell on eBay, thanks and goodbye! All because I sent someone my phone number in a message. A great start to the holiday!

I had no way of getting in contact with any customers or accessing address details or finishing outstanding orders. That was it, game over. Four years of building up a customer base, gone in an instant. I was pretty gutted about it all.

To cut a long story short my account has been reinstated and it's business as usual for the foreseeable future but it's not good for reputation when customers who are expecting orders or want to contact you get a message saying Urbanfox is no more. So my apologies to anyone who was caught up in this episode and let me assure you Urbanfox Letterpress is still here and all orders have been fulfilled and shipped. I'm almost back up to date with orders and messages from eBay and unfortunately there were some delays in orders getting shipped.  I should have items relisted by Monday but please keep checking back here for more updates.

You can find me on Instagram and twitter and I'll be looking to pull together a mailing list for the website so you can be notified when new stock is uploaded.


Cheers, Urbanfox