Fox in spring


Well it's been quite a year so far. Some huge purchases, a massive collection of wood letter I bought in Feb has kept me busy for months now. 135 cases of wood type, the majority was all mixed up and I'm not even half way through it.


We have absolutely flipping loads of typecases (vintage print trays) in stock at the moment, which is unusual as it's been really hard to source them recently.

Loads of wood type - full founts and around a thousand maybe more individual wood letters available to buy singularly. Ranging from under an inch up to 10" - a wide range of type faces and styles.

Plenty of metal type still in stock and of course all the bits you may need. Furniture. Quoins. Galleys and everything inbetween.

And it doesn't stop there - new stock  arriving weekly at the moment and some lovely stuff due to land April and May. Keep an eye on my eBay and of course Instagram for new stock updates and snapshots of what's happening with Urbanfox.