Letterpress type cabinet for sale with 17 cases of type - SOLD

Letterpress type cabinet for sale



Steel type cabinet with 17 drawers of type (Around 20 founts) - A varying and useful selection including some scarce faces and plenty of foundry type. I know there are plenty of cabinets listed at the moment on eBay, most for over £1000+ but this one has the contents listed and checked and the type is of a useful size ranging from 12pt to 48pt . Please read the list of type and get in touch if there are any questions. I will be listing more cabinets this week.

As usual collection is preferred but I will be out and about over the next few weeks so always worth checking if I can deliver at cost or welcome to arrange own man and van courier or I could stick it on a pallet at cost

The type is dusty and has mostly been used - I have done my best to check for completeness and the type is perfectly usable one cleaned. Typecases are in varying degrees of condition.

From top to bottom

18pt Stephenson Blake Caslon Old Face - full fount(f/f)

24pt Mouldtype headline Bold f/f

- empty old rule case

24pt Dorchester Script (Incomplete)

24pt Caslon foundry type - Serif Italic  (f/f)

24pt Headline Bold Italic (Startype) (f/f)

48pt Headline Bold Italic (f/f)

30pt Univers Bold Italic (f/f) & 36pt Univers italic uppers

24pt unknown typeface cast by schelter & giesecke f/f

Mixed case of 24pt and 30pt foundry type - 2 different faces in the same case

10pt Gill Caps

36pt Palace Script f/f

12pt Spartan and 14pt on 16pt Futura Bold

18pt Stephenson Blake Mercury f/f

24pt London Script f/f

30pt Light English text & 24pt Goudy f/f

12pt Baskerville Italic f/f

More images available on request.

Looking for around £550.

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Leetrpress type for sale