Thanks and more..

Hello, hello, hello...

It's post Christmas, pre New year, a good time as any to say thank you to customers old and new and wish everyone a prosperous and fabulous 2017.  


The latter half of the year has been pretty hectic, I was quite shocked to see my last post on here was mid October. Urbanfox has been here, there, and everywhere on the hunt for Letterpress and has had some fantastic hauls recently and along the way met some wonderful and inspirational people.  


We still sell sell type cases (print trays) and have regular stream of stock but it's proving difficult to keep the website fully updated so it's best to drop us a note to find out current stock as it's pretty fluid. Most of our time is spent buying, sorting, and then (hopefully) selling type and other associated letterpress items. This is where our passion lies. Getting old type back out there and hopefully being used again. We have around 300 cases of type to be sorted including loads of founders type and a good selection of brass type for foiling and bookbinding. This will be coming to eBay in early 2017. 


We opened a new shop on eBay in October which can be found here - it's much more organised and snazzy

We've currently around 25 Adanas in stock in varying degrees of condition and everything you need to go with them, boxes of furniture and bags of quoins. 

January and February are looking pretty exciting, if all goes to plan I've some really big purchase lined up with lots of special type, a couple of proof presses and a full Sofadi set up - A Showcard proof press, type, wood and metal, original racks and all the extras and much much more. 


Oh, and finally , Urbanfox Design is now on Instagram  - it's a good way to stay up to date with new items and current stock, it's  much easier than keeping a blog updated and we love getting distracted by all the other wonderful images. Such a great way of procrastinating (not that we need any more distractions)


bye for now.....