Urbanfox is on the move...Goodbye London..hello seaside!

Well almost... We are on the move, escaping London, leaving beloved Muswell Hill. In a weeks time we will be loading up and shipping out for a new life on the Kent coast.  Broadstairs (Well St Peters to be precise) is going to be the new place we call home.

This week I have the logistical nightmare of shipping down the contents of my shed. Mountains of junk accumulated over the years but the real headache is the three years of all manner of Letterpress I have amassed.  I realised today that I haven't managed to even get anywhere close the back of my shed for around 9 months now so I'm quite looking forward to seeing what's in the cabinets at the back! (keep an eye on eBay in September!)

One of the reasons we have decide to move (besides quality of life and never ever being able to buy a house in London) is for the benefit of Urbanfox.

I can get a nice workshop built in the garden, and garage for storage just around the corner and Jo has decided to leave her London job which frees up more time for me to spend on Urbanfox Design. Beside all the stuff in my shed I have around 12 cabinets full of type up in York that I need to start working through. If all goes to plan I will be able to bring them down in stages by the end of the year. I will also be able to dedicate a little area for printing and have a permanent place for my Adana

It's going to be pretty chaotic over the next few weeks so I have closed the online store and will be running the current stock down on eBay and taking a break until around September. I will still be picking up emails and calls so if you need to get in touch please feel free.