Christmas Stock Update

The first week of December was pretty crazy and I am pretty much all out of the current stock. There are ten print trays left in different styles and condition. If you are interested in purchasing on please drop me a mail and I will send over images and prices.

There is still time to get one delivered in time for Christmas!

I have more stock which I will be bringing down in the new year and the website will be updated in January.

I will be continuing to list other Letterpress items as normal on eBay over the next week. I'm trying to have a bit of a clear out and get rid of as much of the random bits and pieces that I have collected over the last few years.

In January there will be a fair bit of type to be sorted and listed and a type list will be available soon.

There are also a couple of exciting developments on the Urbanfox horizon so watch this space!

Nice one..